Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island Garden Getaway 2020

  • 8 Days | 13 Meals
  • Multiple Dates
  • $2897

Explore the Horticulture of Canada’s Atlantic Provinces

Is Your Travel Investment Protected?

Travel protection is available to provide coverage for your travel arrangements.

CTD travelers who are U.S. residents may purchase the Group Deluxe Travel Protection Plan from Travel Insured International®. For the plan's current information/rate sheet,  please click here. For the plan's Certificate of Benefits, please click here.

Please note, if you live in the following states, click on the following links to find your Certificate of Insurance:

AK, IN, NH, & NY:https://www.travelinsured.com/document.lnk?id=7096

KS: https://www.travelinsured.com/document.lnk?id=7093

MA: https://www.travelinsured.com/document.lnk?id=7094

MT: https://www.travelinsured.com/document.lnk?id=7095

OR: https://www.travelinsured.com/document.lnk?id=7097

TX: https://www.travelinsured.com/document.lnk?id=7098

WA: https://www.travelinsured.com/document.lnk?id=7099

To receive further information about obtaining coverage information or a price quote, please contact us at 855-744-TRIP (8747), 262-923-8120, or Email Us.