Is Your Travel Investment Protected?

Travel insurance can provide coverage for unexpected travel problems that might arise, from a cancelled flight to a serious illness, inclement weather, or a serious injury. Even the most experienced of travelers benefit from travel insurance, which is why we always recommend it to our travelers, especially on our international trips.

Here at CTD, the plan we suggest at Travel Guard® includes a complete suite of 24-hour travel assistance services you can access anytime, anywhere for help with anything. This means the moment something goes wrong, having a Travel Guard® plan could save the day.

It is especially important to have travel insurance while traveling international. This is because most United States healthcare policies are NOT accepted overseas and medical emergencies when traveling out of the country can be very expensive.

To purchase Travel Protection directly with Travel Guard, please click here. On the second page select the Travel Insurance and Assistance, and on the third page click Tour Operator then select Country Travel Discoveries from the drop down box. In addition, you should then select Travel Insurance and Assistance plan.

For Travel Guard's Description of Coverage, please click here.

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