Find the Joy in Underpacking

My Expert Tips for Not Overpacking…

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Practice Minimalism: Bring only what you can reasonably carry. Think about the experiences you'll have rather than the things you'll bring! It’s not worth throwing out your back packing the kitchen sink in your suitcase.

Prepare Your Outfits: Lay out your outfits for each day of the trip and always consider the weather. Plan to re-wear certain clothing pieces.

Accessories are excess-ories: Leave most of them at home. I can promise you will not need ten wall plug adapters or your own roll of toilet paper.

Have a Packing Method: Some people swear by rolling their clothes, but I personally like to fold and make stacks inside my suitcase – pants in one pile, shirts in another pile, and casual clothes/pjs in another pile. Some of my travel team likes to pack by outfit! Whatever you do, don’t just throw everything in your suitcase – know where you can find the item you packed.

Determine If You Can Do Laundry: If you’re taking a land tour, give us a call and see if one of our hotels offers a washing machine. If you are taking a European River Cruise, our ships offer laundry services for a small fee – they even iron and fold your clothes, placing them on your bed while you’re at dinner! Some of our past travelers told me they did all their laundry at the end of the tour and traveled home with a suitcase full of clean clothes!

Don’t Bring What You Don’t Need: Packing shampoo, conditioner, and body wash takes up valuable space in your suitcase, and hotels offer great brands for your complimentary use. Unless you have a good reason, leave your soap at home. Nearly all hotels also offer a complimentary hair dryer, so avoid packing that. (If you’re unsure, give CTD or the hotel call.)

Be Realistic: Are you really going to read that 400-page book? If only I had a dime for every time I brought a heavy hardback book and didn’t read a single page! Always consider the things you will realistically use on vacation.

Reevaluate: Once you've packed, go through your items again and see if there's anything you can remove. Often, there are a few things you can do without.

Happy Packing!

Andrea Brooks
CTD President

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