A Rhythmic Reflection from Grand Canyon & Red Rocks

I had no idea the
adventures in store,
When booking a CTD vacation for 2024.
To say the least, I was excited about traveling out west,
But apprehensive if a bus tour would be the best.

We were told first thing, “It’s a coach and not a bus.”
But we kept forgetting…shame on us. 😂
With Mike behind the wheel, I have to say,
We felt in good hands from the very first day.

And I bet many with me would attest,
Our tour director Ann was just “THE BEST.”
Ann was training Dom and we loved him too,
Just an all-around very nice crew.

I wish “The Grand Canyon” EVERYONE could see.
It just truly mesmerized me.
The beauty and vastness are so appealing,
You just have to be there to know the feeling.

The same is true for Sedona, Zion, and Canyonlands too,
Just so much to see and great things to do.
Arches National Parks was amazing as well,
Made many good memories of which to tell.

We ate, rode trolleys, shopped, hiked,
and much more.
Saw neat petroglyphs and red rocks galore.
Visited nice museums both out and inside.
At Powell Lake we took a nice boat ride.

Indian fry bread taco
was my favorite thing to eat.
Something good and different is always a treat.
Enjoyed Pineapple swirl ice cream at Fort Bluff store,
And their cranberry cookies were just to die for.

No way to put in words just what this trip meant,
My time and money was very well spent.
Linda and I always get along so well,
And bring many stories home to tell.

There were 35 people including personnel,
Many different natures but all got along well.
Some became more special and I’ll name just a few.
Like sweet Pam who worked for CTD too.

With Bill and Denice we connected real fast,
Our Connecticut friends were just such a blast.
Eldon and Susie from Texas were extra special too,
A pastor and wife we felt like we already knew.

Cynthia and Jeff from Iowa sure were swell,
And solo traveler Carol was from Iowa as well.
Roger and Sharon from Colorado love to hike.
Such a sweet couple and so easy to like.

Photographer Doug traveled with his sweet mother,
And made grand scenery photos like no other.
Even snapped the “Once Upon A Time” cowboy,
Then generously shared all for us to enjoy.

Many miles of travel and all very nice,
Near 100 temps in Phoenix to 30 at Bryce.
You see when packing this is the reason,
To take a few clothes for every season.

CTD handles everything from beginning to end,
So I hope to travel with them again.
Oh what a blessing and I’m so glad,
One of the very best trips I’ve ever had!

- Beverly 
CTD Traveler 

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