COVID Response & Yes--we will be around for a LONG time!

Updated June 3, 2021

To our Country Travel DISCOVERIES traveling family,

In regard to our 2021 tours: I want to ensure you that we are partnering with the National Tour Association and US Travel, and their Safety Task Forces, to ensure our tours run in a safe environment in 2021.   Here some details as to how we are planning to safely execute our tours in 2021:  Health and Safety in Preparation for Tour 

I also would like to assure you that Country Travel DISCOVERIES will be around for a long time.  Since our inception, we have put away reserve cash for a "rainy year" fact, for more than one "rainy year".  In the travel business, downturn's like this happen from time to time...we were ready to handle this, and we are just fine. 

Our 2021 Electronic Catalog is available by clicking here: 2021 Country Travel DISCOVERIES Catalog. In addition, you can now request a printed version by visiting this link: https://www.countrytraveldisco...

We look forward to hosting you on a Country Travel DISCOVERY tour in 2021!

Kind regards,

Steve Uelner