Looking for Something Different in Travel?

I think you’ll find it in any trip offered by Country Travel DISCOVERIES... and I speak with a lot of experience. I’m Roy Reiman, and after launching a number of national magazines—Country, Farm & Ranch Living, Taste of Home, Country Discoveries, etc.—I learned that our readers wanted to visit some of the interesting people they read about in our magazines. So, we started a travel division, World Wide Country Tours, to allow them to do just that.

Knowing most of our readers had country roots, we took them to rural areas rather than cities. On our domestic tours, we took them to farms where they could see how crops such as peanuts, pecans and hops were grown and harvested. On our foreign tours, we walked them through “barn houses” in Switzerland, flower farms in Holland and sheep ranches in Scotland.

Now You Can Do It Again! After I sold the company, Reader’s Digest eventually decided to get out of the tour business. Regrettably, these “Meet the people and learn what they do” type of trips were no longer offered anywhere. But luckily, now they are again.

Steve Uelner, who I hired to run this travel division more than 25 years ago, decided to restart this same kind of tour company on his own, offering these same kinds of interactive tours. Steve has now run more than 4,000 of these unique tours all over the world, and has run them well.

He planned to start small...and pretty much stay that way, going for quality rather than quantity, building the company slowly through referrals from satisfied travelers. I hope you’ll decide to be one of them. I know you can trust Steve in all he does. He still puts customer service first.


Roy Reiman

Founder Reiman Publications and World Wide Country Tours