Kansas Horizons 2021

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  • 7 Days | 12 Meals
  • Multiple Dates
  • $1,547

Discover the Rolling Hills and Charming People


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Tips for Travel Group Leaders

Planning, Selling and Running a Great Private Group Tour

We love working with groups of all sizes, whether providing special discounts for groups as small as 5-to-9, or hand-crafting a customized tour tailored to the needs of a larger private group or organization. After many decades in the...

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Need a Little Paradise (Again)...

Is 2018 the Year for the Peace, Wonder and Culture of Hawaii?

Winter is coming...and we know it. Following a mild fall, the Farmers’ Almanac foretells of a winter in the U.S. that is forecast to be “much colder than last year's,” as well as "a wet and...

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Why Take a River Cruise?

A European River Cruise Offers Unparalleled Convenience, Comfort

As Country Travel DISCOVERIES has been preparing for the return of Magical Danube & Prague President's Charter Cruise in 2018, we've been fielding many excited questions from travelers curious about river cruising. So, just why is river cruising one...

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Get Off the Beaten Path with a Group Tour

Yes, Even Today’s Independent Boomers Can Benefit from Professionally Organized Group Travel

My in-laws are both in their 60’s and will retire later this year. After decades of the nine-to-five grind, they are eager to see the world and have adventures they’ve always dreamed of.

“We’re going to...

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Travel Tips: Can I Take It?

Packing Safely According to Federal Regulations Can Ease Travel

When preparing to travel within or to and from the U.S., understanding and heeding federal rules about what you can bring with you, and how it must be properly packed and transported, is key to enjoying a smooth experience....

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