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Articles and Tips on Travel from CTD


Tips: Smooth Travels with Country Travel Discoveries

Country Travel DISCOVERIES is pleased to offer the following information to help you plan for a smooth, secure and enjoyable travel experience. 

Hotel Accommodations

Country Travel DISCOVERIES selects quality hotels, normally of the three diamond rating or better. It may not always be possible for us to accommodate ...

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Travel Tips: Traveling at High Elevations

Few things are more exhilarating than taking in the eagle’s-eye view of the world offered by some of our mountain rail destinations. Whether we're chugging up a logging line 4,482 feet to West Virginia’s Bald Knob, or braving the optional Cog Railway's 8,000-foot ascent ...

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Tips for Travel Group Leaders

Planning, Selling and Running a Great Private Group Tour

We love working with groups of all sizes, whether providing special discounts for groups as small as 5-to-9, or hand-crafting a customized tour tailored to the needs of a larger private group or organization. After many decades in the...

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Why Take a River Cruise?

A European River Cruise Offers Unparalleled Convenience, Comfort

As Country Travel DISCOVERIES has been preparing for the return of Magical Danube & Prague President's Charter Cruise in 2018, we've been fielding many excited questions from travelers curious about river cruising. So, just why is river cruising one...

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Tips for Traveling Safely

Know You’re Safe – and Have a Great Trip!

Has the time come for you to book that next great trip? Will it be to Europe, Central America or some other distant destination?

You want to see the world. But you also want to know whatever foreign travel you embark upon...

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